Chicago Wedding Booth Rental

Do you have an important, fun event coming up? Are you going to want pictures taken? There is a new fad going around, instead of hiring a photographer. The new fad is renting a photo booth. Photo booths can be a great, exciting way to get people to get their pictures taken. Now, of course they are small but when you need pictures of couples or parents and kids, this works out great.

The Photo Bomb Picture Company offers photo booth rentals and open air booths as well. An open air booth is just the same as the regular photo booth except it doesn’t have curtains, so it would work well for school events and other events as well. The photo booths are affordable and you can choose the right package that fits your needs. The regular photo booth offers 4 different packages with a minimum of 8 different services on the lowest package and up to 13 different services on the more advanced booth. The open air booth also has 4 different packages to choose from. While not many companies do this, the Photo Bomb Picture Company will give you 5% off, if any competitor has better prices. Also, if you do want to book one of the least expensive packages and you want to add a feature, they are available for a separate cost. That way you don’t have to purchase a huge package if you don’t want to. Some of those extra features include the Red Carpet Event, Premium Backdrops, Social Media Sharing Kiosk, Printing Station, 32” TV Slideshow, and the USB w/photos.

The Photo Bomb Picture Company photo booths offer many different frames for their pictures as well as different sizes for their pictures. Their sizes include 2x6” and 4x6”. Order a photo booth for your next event with the Photo Bomb Picture Company. You will have no hassles with getting pictures taken and you will have a great time with one of their booths.